Monksworks Podcast April 28, 2012: Encounters with Cornelius

I am writing from Assisi, Italy, after being in England from May 10 – May 16th to attend the bi-annual Conference and General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland to which I had been invited to address a plenary session. The Conference was held in Oakham, England, where Merton went to “secondary school” before he entered Cambridge.

The podcast describes my encounters with an urban “desert father” throughout the conference, Cornelius:

"God's Angel Cornelius Slaying Montaldo's Dragons" “God’s Angel Cornelius Slaying Montaldo’s Dragons”

In addition to the podcast I have included a link to the talk I gave in England, “To Uncage His Voice: Thomas Merton’s Inner Journey Toward Parrhesia [Free & Fearless Speech]”.

Montaldo Oakham Uncaging His Voice Final p

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