From El Camino de Santiago; A Word from Jim Gravois

Jim Gravois and I entered the Society of Jesus together in 1963. I entered on the Feast of St. Ignatius on July 31st; Jim entered on August the 15th, Feast of the Assumption. We would each take our vows two years later on the same dates. We spent four years at St. Charles Borromeo College in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, a working farm.

Our formation during the first two years was monastic. Our next two years, as Juniors, were dedicated to Studies. I left the Society from Philosophy at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. Jim left after a semester of teaching at Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston, Texas..

Jim and I saw one another after we left the Jesuits. After coming home from Europe, not knowing what he wanted to do, Bruce Johnson and I urged him to go back to Europe. We took him to the airport. Adios, amigo.

After a hiatus of going our own ways, we met again, when the Class of 1963 held its twenty-fifth anniversary of entering the Jesuits over a weekend at Grand Coteau. It would be sixteen years of no contact before I responded to Jim’s call to our class to walk El Camino de Santigo. Our being Jesuits together has insured that we are perfect traveling companions. We are also attached by our gratitude at our having the freedom to walk through Spain. Our constant prayer, which we say out loud to the sky, is “Merci, Saint Jacques”. Jim will raise his own voice on our journey. Here is his first solo podcast:

Jim and Fabienna
Jim and Fabienne


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